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Home of Arizona, Got and Valleywide Traffic Schools too!

No tests!

Classroom style atmosphere,

working in groups.

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The 8 hour traffic survival school (TSS) class

mandated by MVD

through Arizona Chapter National Safety Council


We know you have a choice.

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Family Owned & Operated for over 20 years!

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Thru June 30th, $140 for

Gilbert & Phoenix classes

Space is limited!​​


If you are CURRENTLY dealing with a ticket and the Court is allowing you to take a class in lieu of paying for the ticket, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS!

You need a defensive driving class, which we do not offer.

This class is mandated by ADOT Motor Vehicle Division.

Reasons for attending a TSS class:

  • Accumulating 8 to 12 Points
  • Red Light/Fail to Yield Conviction
  • DUI
  • Under Age Violation Convictions
  • Wrong Way Driver Conviction
  • Court Order Signed by Judge Requiring TSS

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Class Fee is $175